Our Values

At J.R. Young, P.C. we value integrity, stewardship, professionalism, service and relationship.  We strive to know our clients personally and serve them with uncompromised principles, taking the financial responsibility entrusted to us seriously and holding ourselves accountable to our clients by honoring our commitments, striving for the highest quality and responsibility in our management, and upholding excellence in service.

What you can expect from us:

We listen to you and consider your needs.

Our goal is to tailor a financial strategy to meet your goals. We are not interested in selling you products or seeking to up-size or up-scale: Our objective is to know and serve you. You won’t find a high-pressure environment here.

We are responsive.

We respond to all client’s concerns quickly. We do our best to reply by the next business day, at the latest.

We are honest in our recommendations.

We will tell you what we think the best decision is for you, regardless of the implications for our firm. We put you first, and we want to provide you full and complete information to make the best decision.

We have integrity.

A guiding principle at the forefront of our decision-making is the Golden Rule: Do unto our clients what we would do to ourselves. This adheres our behavior to the practices of fairness, sincerity, truthfulness, and solidarity that are at the center of our professional code.

We are experienced.

We pride ourselves in our longstanding commitment to our profession and our community. Our partners’ combined experience in accounting and finance allows our firm a broad window into your financial future.

We protect your privacy.

Every employee of J.R. Young, P.C., signs a confidentiality contract to protect your privacy and is trained on discretion, inside and outside of our office.

We take security seriously.

Our firm has careful internal controls to manage physical and electronic access to your sensitive information. We use an off-site back-up service to secure our electronic data, and we are careful to manage controls on paperwork that circulates within our office to ensure that your private information stays that way—private.