Our Philosophy

Our firm takes financial stewardship seriously, considering your individual needs and serving you equitably to reach the best growth possible.  Our clients come first, and protecting your interests drives our investment philosophy.  The following is what you can expect as a client of J.R. Young, P.C.:

We believe in using diversification to protect your investment.

We work to buy multiple stocks for each account. Because we buy and sell individual stocks, we require a minimum investment of $100,000 to manage an account. That minimum allows us to choose a larger number of stocks for your portfolio, thus reducing risk by investing in a variety of assets.

We value individual ownership of assets to keep your funds from being co-mingled.

Buying individual stocks, instead of relying solely on mutual funds, protects you from being lost in the shuffle. If you are invested in a mutual fund, you own a fractional share of that pie, with many others, and the danger is that a fund is subject to the same risk of a ‘run’ as a bank. When a large number of investors in a fund wish to sell their shares at one time, fund managers are obligated to sell fund assets to generate the cash necessary to pay those investors. When this happens, fund managers are often forced to sell investments at inopportune times, which has the potential to negatively impact your returns. Instead of being a small holder in a big fund, individual stocks allow you to have your own holdings, bought and sold with only your interests in mind.

We review your account individually.

We regularly review each client’s portfolio and tailor an investment strategy to meet your individual needs. Our advisers consider your whole financial picture and choose investments solely for its potential to meet your objectives.

We do not charge hidden fees.

There is a potential conflict of interest when investment managers profit from commissions on the purchase and sale of investments. They are incentivized to buy and sell with greater frequency to generate commissions, often not in the client’s best interest. At J.R. Young, P.C., our clients are assessed an annual fee of 1% of their assets under management, billed quarterly at 0.25%. A small transaction fee is charged by the broker when the stocks are purchased or sold, from which we do not profit. By charging an annual fee instead of profiting from commissions, we make money when our clients make money, aligning our interests.
Mutual funds can be a contributor to hidden or additional fees as well. Clients are often charged an annual fee by a mutual fund and charged another annual fee by the investment adviser. Because mutual funds often carry additional fees, we avoid purchasing them for our clients and ensure that clients understand all the fees if they wish to purchase or hold on to a mutual fund.

We use a custodian to provide you independent reporting and oversight.

Using a custodian (like Charles Schwab or another large broker) ensures that your financial manager does not have access to your funds. We do not keep any client assets in-house, and you will receive statements prepared by an independent custodial firm. Independent reporting is essential to avoid the risk of fraud.

At J.R. Young, P.C., our philosophy and practice is aimed at protecting and growing your investment.  Set up a free consultation to let us know how we can serve you.