Our History

Jim Young

“I enjoy knowing our clients and working alongside them to plan for their future.” – Jim Young

J.R. Young, P.C. began out of a desire to protect clients and consider only the client’s interest in investment decisions.  J.R. Young, P.C. was incorporated in 1987 by James (“Jim”) R. Young, as a sister corporation to his existing accounting practice, Young and Meyers, P.C.

In his accounting practice, he met a client who was a young mother of small children.  She had recently lost her husband and received a large life insurance settlement from his death.  The young woman sought the accounting firm’s help in determining how to invest this money and discussed several investment proposals she had received from other investment firms.  After review, it was clear the proposed investment plans took advantage of an uninformed client.  As a result of this situation, and others like it, Jim opened J.R. Young, P.C. to serve clients with investments in an ethical way.

Jim’s vision for an investment company was born from his work in the CPA firm, built from the core of their accounting skill.  This ability to aptly analyze financial statements when choosing investments paired nicely with their experience in financial planning, estate planning, and retirement planning.

At the heart of the history of our firm at J.R. Young, P.C. is the desire to protect our clients’ interests when analyzing investment decisions and to treat our clients how we would treat our own families.

In 2012, Jim sold his interest in the Young and Meyers, P.C. practice to Selene Petersen and to Chris Berry, who continue the practice as Principle Accounting (visit them at: www.myoregoncpa.com).